NW Colorado Fly Fishing Reports

Yampa and Elk Rivers
July 17th, 2019

We are seeing the effects of runoff throughout our rivers but the fishing is great. The tailwaters of Stagecoach Reservoir have been fishing well but are also high. Be sure to check out the reservoir fishing while you’re out there.  As see the last of the snow melt into the Yampa and Elk Rivers we will also see more water open in the high country.  Give us a call at 970-879-6552 any time for up to the hour info. We look forward to fishing with you soon!

The “tailwater,” also known as the upper Yampa, is one of the most productive stretches of river year-round. The dam keeps the flows and water temperature nearly consistent for the entire year. The DOW keeps a close eye on the water and river bank health which makes for incredible fishing

July 17th, 2019

With the warmer weather fish have moved into a bit faster water.  We have seen fish rising to midges and a few blue wing olives showing up in the afternoons. Make sure you are using 6x fluorocarbon, micro split shot and small indicators. Give a call down to the shop for up to the hour info 970-879-6552

Flows: 91 C.F.S.

Nymphs: JUJU Baetis,  BTS Nymph, PMD Emerger, Gray RS-2, D-Midge, Scuds, Medallion Midge Pupa.

Dries:  Extended Body PMD, Parachute BWO, Adams, Goddard Caddis, Film Critic PMD.

Streamers: Leaches, Zonkers, Slump Buster.

Just one mile downstream of the Stagecoach tailwaters this stretch of river can be very productive year round. This state wildlife area is about 2.5 miles of idyllic trout stream habitat. There is a high density of fish in this area so do not walk past any structure without first casting in for a try. Sight casting this stretch of river is popular.

July 17th, 2019

The road to Sarvis is open. The fishing has been day to day with Morrison creek introducing some muddy water. After a cool night we would recommend getting their in the early morning to beat the heat of the day which increases the effects of run-off. Give a call down to the shop for up to the hour info 970-879-6552.

Flows: 132 C.F.S.

Nymphs: Barrs PMD, Juju Sally, UV Sally, Soft Hackles, Trigger Nymph PMD, Split Cased PMD, Z- Caddis, Prince Nymph.

Dries: Extended Body PMD, Parachute PMD, Hi Vis Spinner, X2 Caddis, UM Butt Sally, Super Sally.

Streamers: Slump Buster, Bubba’s NBK Sculpin, Zonker.

Flowing right through downtown Steamboat Springs, the Yampa River gives anglers miles of excellent fish-able water. Stop into the shop and we can point you in the right direction

July 17th, 2019

The Yampa is high with about 2 feet of visibility. We have had the best luck fishing very deep and in slow water, on the banks and side channels. Cold nights have been slowing down the sediment flow into the river so we recommend getting out early.

Give a call down to the shop for up to the hour info 970-879-6552

Flows: 527 C.F.S.

Nymphs:  San Juan Worm, BLM, Flashback Biot Nymph BWO, Purple Prince Nymph, JUJU Sally, Oli Edwards, Barrs PMD.

Dries: Lawson PMD, Parachute PMD, Extended Body BWO, Mini Hot Yellow, Last Chance Cripple PMD.

Streamers: Zonker, Ice Pick Tan, Flugenzombie.

Flowing out of the Zirkel Wilderness Area, the Elk River is clean and clear this fall. There are just a few access points to the river starting with Christina State Wildlife Area located about 8 miles out of town. Christina is a 1 mile stretch that provides numerous long runs and solid pocket water. Browns, Rainbows, Cutthroats, Brookies and Whitefish, ranging from 12-18 inches can be found in this stretch of the Elk. The Upper Elk, north of Clark down Seedhouse road, has tons of public water access in the National Forest. Bring a small rod, attractor dry flies and 4x tippet.

July 17th, 2019

The Elk River is open and running high and dirty. If you go fish the slow seams and deep pools with big bright flies.

Give a call down to the shop anytime for up to the hour info.


Flows: 1,200 C.F.S.

Nymphs: Terminator stone, Copper John, San Juan Worms, 20 Incher.

Streamers: White Zonker, Dirty Hippy.

July 17th, 2019

Steamboat Lake, Pearl Lake, and Hahns Peak Lake are ice off and fishing well.

Give a call down to the shop for up to the hour info.


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